The Linnet's Wings The Winter´s Tale, Ravens and Robins - Page 5

Ravens and Robins “ T he morning around Ypres, and in particular Passchendaele, worried him so much that forc- ing his norma- ly disciplined mind to work- ing concerns was sometimes erydifficult in- deed.” See page 28, was oddly changeable,with sunlight punc- uated by brief, spitting rain, but the sweeping vis- tas of coast and country began to achieve the de- sired effect. With his son James a serving officer, the dreadful news seeping out con- cerning what was happening The Telegram Boy . “Harris has provided a beaufully written and emotionally uplift- ing collection. The eponymous title of the opening story in this collection, The Guy Thing’, is about suicide. When faced with a suicide attempt by a fellow student, the main character recalls a pastoral session in his school sixth form in which a respected senior teacher addressed the students about his personal experience of suicide. For Harris, The Guy Thing’ is/are the repressed feelings of men, which typically explode into a negative reaction. Through- out this collection the male characters battle their emotions in order to find a more positive, more appropriate response to cri- ses. John Holland 5