The Linnet's Wings The Winter´s Tale, Ravens and Robins - Page 42

The Winter´s Tale A Better Gift Editorial by Oonah V Joslin Have you ever looked at the faces of fellow shoppers around this time of year and seen the stress etched there? Or greed? Or despair? Have you ever tried giving them a smile and got a dirty look or a snarl in return? This is not retail therapy. It’s the corporate lie. I’m fi nding it harder each year to justify the capitalist Christmas. I have no wish to collapse the entire economy just to salve my eco-conscience and I wouldn’t steal the wonder from any child’s eyes, but nor would I steal their future. So this year I am not joining in with all the hype. I won’t be buying that shiny wrapping paper you can’t recycle. I am trying to avoid plastics in packaging and in the things I buy, and I am looking carefully at products containing palm oil because I don’t want to kill trees and orangutangs! I will not be buying any new decorations ever again, just because I am tired of the old ones, or replacing that arti- fi cial tree I have had for the past 18 years. Our friends have made a deal with us not exchange gifts this year but just to meet up for a little cheer. I will bake my usual treats and buy what we need this Christ- mas, but we don’t need anything more than usual. If giving is a part of Christmas, there are plenty of needy people out there and so many better ways to give. My gift to you is my time, choosing the poems for this Canzonet, dear reader. I hope it brightens your world. 42