The Linnet's Wings The Winter´s Tale, Ravens and Robins - Page 28

The Winter´s Tale The Tele- gram Boy by Bruce Harris The headmaster of the local grammar school, Mr Richard ex-Major Nichol- son, lived as near to the school as he could without actually being in it, which neither he nor his wife cared for. Mus- bury Lodge was about half a mile away from the school gates, on a promontory no more than a few hundred yards from the cliffs. War news meant his walk to work was not always a pleasant one, but the sea air cleared his head and allowed him to adjust from war to school. The morning was oddly changeable, with sunlight puncuated by brief, spitting rain, but the sweeping vistas of coast and country began to achieve the desired effect. With his son James a serving of- fi cer, the dreadful news seeping out concerning what was happening around Ypres, and in particular Passchendaele, worried him so much 28