The Linnet's Wings The Winter´s Tale, Ravens and Robins - Page 20

The Winter´s Tale Silver by John C Mannone 57 Hellhole by Megan Denese Mealor 62 Still Life by Akeith Walters 64 Mercies Found in Christmas Lights by Tom Sheehan 39 Snow Dance by Oonah Joslin 71 Like a Lost Pair of Kites by John C Mannone 72 Old Snow by James Graham 74 A Baby's Smile by Lesley Timms 77 Key Bridge January by Beate Siddrigdaughter 79 The Light Of Snow by Dolores Duggan 81 Reflections Of An Old Man by James G Piatt 83 REMNANTS by Tom Sheehan 84 White Winters by Irena Pasvinter 87 Sozzled Santa by Mike Lewis 89 Under the Loving Tree by John C Mannone 91 SIBERIAN SUNDAY by Tina Cole 93 IN PRAISE OF NO GOD by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson 95 ART, PS and Design Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick Blackfird Wearing Britches 4 Elephant in the Room 5 Church Interior in the Franciscan Abbey in Multifarnham in Co. West- meath 12 Duck on Lough Owel 10 Photo of Stained Glass Window in the Franciscan Abbey in Multifarn- ham in Co Westmeath 19 Christmas Morning on Lough Bofin 25 One Morning in France, 26 Sunflowers at Night 30 A Rose for Mum 41 Genius 45 Beach Walk in Winter, 46 Knockaree 49 At the Oasis 52 20