The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 95

The Linnet´s Wings Truce James Graham ‘Merry Christmas Tommy!’ ‘Thanks Fritz, the same to you’. ‘Got some lousy grog – here, have a swig’. ‘You sound like a Cockney’. ‘Cos I am. Me Dad’s a barber. Was. They locked him up. Came over when I was a nipper. German-English, me. Or Englisch-Deutsch. You sound like a Cockney – know the Jolly Farmer’s pub in Southgate Road?’ ‘Gawd blimey! Do I know it? Me uncle has a cobbler’s shop next door!’ Oh say it, Tommy. Say it, Fritz. If you both live it may take root. We’ve lost our way. Our common enemies are in the palaces of Europe. Based on a true incident reported in a soldier’s war diary. James Graham. 95