The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 94

The Linnet´s Wings ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF MILITARY TERMS (Continued) ENGINEERS. -The wise men of the army. They teach the ignorant infantry how to carry sandbags, barbed wire, bath mats, etc., and how to work intricate machinery such as picks and shovels. ESTAMINET. Translated into English means the " Rendezvous de la Police Militaire." It is where soldiers (including engineers) congregate to spend their unearned increment and to recount the many brave deeds they have done, also to listen to Mademoiselle's "Arf an' Arf" language whilst drinking her "Arf an' Arf" beer. FORM FOURS. All military experts agree that it is absolutelyimperative that a man be able to form fours before he is fit to defend the Empire. Although this intricate manoeuvre can be accomplished in any number of movements a Drill Instructor usually recommends three. The odd number stands pat, the even numbers step on somebody's toes in the rear with the left foot, and somebody's heel on the right with the right foot. The even number will then find himself viewing the landscape on the back of the odd number's neck, whilst the Empire totters. Lack of space prevents forming fours in the trenches, but the War Office has the matter under consideration. (From The Listening Post.} 94