The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 86

The Linnet´s Wings “No words of mine can soften the blow. There is one consolation for you - your daughter became unconscious immediately after she was hit, and she passed away perfectly peacefully.” - From the letter written by matron Minnie Wood to the parents ofstaffnurse Nellie Spindler, 1917. Women of Passchendaele Oonah Joslin For the Passchendaele nurse there was no drill, no readiness for what she must confront trying to keep her uniform pristine negotiating boards from tent to tent she saw the soldier, half his face blown off, looked on him as might mother, sister, wife she dragged him from a shell hole still alive and gave him sips of water ‘til he died one day she was a surgeon in the field the next she scribed a diary for the dead her knees would not stop trembling but her hand wrote words of consolation to his kin unconscious moments after the blast she passed away peacefully at the last 86