The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 75

Poets Who Died in the War Prayer Before Battle Alfred Lichtenstein The soldiers pray fervently, every man for himself: God, protect me from bad luck. Father, son and holy ghost, Please don’t let any shells hit me, Or those scoundrels, our enemies Imprison or shoot me, Don’t let me kick the bucket like a dog For the dear Fatherland. See, I would like to still live Milk cows, bang girls, And beat up that rascal, Sepp. And get boozed up many times Before I meet my holy end. See, I’ll pray well and willingly Say seven rosaries daily, If, God, in your mercy You kill my friends Huber or Meier But spare me. But if I’ve got to take it Let me not be wounded too heavily. Send me a light leg-wound, A small arm injury, So that I return home as a hero Who can tell many a story. (1 889-1 91 4) 75