The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 67

Poets Who Died in the War To Our Fallen Robert Ernest Vernede YE sleepers, who will sing you? We can but give our tears— Ye dead men, who shall bring you Fame in the coming years? Brave souls … but who remembers The flame that fired your embers? … Deep, deep the sleep that holds you Who one time had no peers. Yet maybe Fame’s but seeming And praise you’d set aside, Content to go on dreaming, Yea, happy to have died If of all things you prayed for— All things your valour paid for— One prayer is not forgotten, One purchase not denied. But God grants your dear England A strength that shall not cease Till she have won for all the Earth From ruthless men release, And made supreme upon her Mercy and Truth and Honour— Is this the thing you died for? Oh, Brothers, sleep in peace! (1 875-1 91 7) 67