The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 51

The Linnet´s Wings ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF MILITARY TERMS ATTENTION (pronounced " Stun "). This is one of the most wonderful words in the military language. It is never spoken or whispered, it is always shouted, bellowed, shrieked, or screamed. Just according to the lung power of the officer or N.C.O. in charge of the squad or party which is to be drilled, paraded, fed, "clinked," washed, or (occasionally) paid. The effects of the command " Shun " on a battalion is both electrical and hypnotic. It is probably the only magic word now in use that was used in the days of Aladdin and his lamp. Should a poker game be in progress and the fabulous stakes be piled chin high on the dug-out or hut floor, until the scene resembles Monte Carlo or Dawson City, and an officer appears, some one utters the magic word "Shun," and the dug-out is immediately transformed into a Sister Susie sewing class, not a nickel or an ace can be seen. The officer usually says "Carry on," and out come chess boards, Psalm books, knitting needles, woodbines, mouth organs, writing material, girls' photographs, The Listening Post, and gingerbeer. "What did you say, Editor? Get on with the 'cyclopaedia. Very good, Sir." Sir Robert Ball and the Vancouver Sun say that if Halley's Comet comes within one million miles of this earth, everything will be as quiet as the "German Navy." We're taking some awful chances when we say it, but the word " Shun " when a General or Colonel is on parade has got Halley's Comet beat fifty different ways as a silencer. From The Listening Post. 51