The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 44

The Linnet´s Wings 6 That the Church set out to outlaw Sappho's poetry should not surprise us. The Greek gods represent variety in human nature, each kind of soul supported by a god or goddess to whom devotees could give their all. Some of us are Ares (Mars) people, some belong to Hephaistos (Vulcan), and some, like Sappho, are children of Aphrodite (Venus). Think of Odysseus and his relation to Athena (Minerva). Athena is devoted to Odysseus because he dedicates himself to her without reserve. He has an "Athenan" soul. He is quick-witted, a master strategist, an aggressive man who keeps calm, even in the face of terrifying monsters. What Athena weaves in fabric, Odysseus weaves in action. Who of us could invent, while gazing into the horrifying face of Polyphemus (the Cyclops), the remarkable trick of calling himself "No Man"? Such craftiness is beyond human powers, except for a human assisted by his personal goddess. This undivided devotion makes Odysseus