The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 42

The Linnet´s Wings Queen, do not hurt my heart, do not harry it But come as before when you heard and you hearkened A long way away, And leaving behind the house of your father, harnessed a golden chariot winged By your beautiful swans, Beating and whirring across the sky, Bringing you down to the unbright earth – So suddenly there: Mistress, the smile of your undying features Asking me what was it troubled me this time? What made me call you This time? What was my desperate heart wanting done? And your: "Whom shall I this time bend to your love? Who is it Sappho That's doing you wrong? For if she's escaping Soon she'll be chasing: if she's refusing Your gifts, she shall give them. And, if she's not loving, soon shall she love you, Like it or no."... Oh, come again now: Let me go loose from this merciless craving. Do what I long to have done: be my own Helper in battle. (trans. Paul Roche) [pic] Aphrodite (Venus), detail from Sandro Botticelli’s, “The Birth of Venus” (1480s). Though more than halfa millennium old, the image is remarkably fresh and modern and not weighted down in stone. It fits nicely the notion in Sappho’s poem ofa goddess who is familiar, youthful, and jocular. The painting is in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. 42