The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 120

The Linnet´s Wings ELEGY by Tina Cole You could not hold his life even though you had been mother, wife he still slipped the colander of days, you tried so many ways, medications, pills, two parts sadness to one part rage and even then you could not assuage him of the dangers that confounded. You could not hold him. You did not hold his life and when those celebrations carried joy into Autumn days there was no pause for you to stay the sadness or delay the creeping frost of grief only relief for those who returned to go on living undamaged, but not whole. You could not hold his life the effort left you breathless like dashing for a train only to watch it pull away the frown of grey carriages creaking miles to a distant town. And the pain that left your voice parched and mute even one resolute as you. You could not hold him. You could not hold his life when breath was growing short and death waited in the dawn. His fading brought only bare walls into view, another day and so little left for you. You felt the drain of life, yet thought and sight remained vivid, bright, the awful knowing he might not last another night. You did not hold him. 120