The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 110

The Linnet´s Wings Instruments of Peace by John C Mannone With the perfect development of the airplane, wars will be only an incident of past ages —Orville Wright (1 909) That’s what the Wright brothers thought. Their invention—this heavier than air machine—would be the great arbiter of military engagement. No movement on the ground would go unnoticed by either army. Instruments of peace. Wilbur studied doves, killdeer, learned how they warped their wings to control their turns and landings light as feathers. And later, a Frenchman studied insects to develop the monocoque fuselage— a single shell, a laminated skin carrying all the stresses, all the loads, even bombs. They dragonflied skies in the Great War. Engines droned, planes buzzed like flies over the spoils. Storm Clouds by Arthur Dove 110