The Linnet's Wings The Sorrow - Page 101

1918-2018 Soundtrack To Your Exorcism Jennifer Lothrigel There were moaning sounds, ethereal and dark with long ommms made from puckered mouths and from stillness, and womb wrapped minds birthed explosive Supernovas from my writhing chest. Only the brightest stars become black holes, pulled by their own gravity into nothingness. I heard the chellist rapidly plucking strings, her body also shaking in ecstacy. We all danced through our dark matter, to sacred songs of deposession. Our moon lit bodies relieved of demonic guilt, ommms became howls, and the ghosts of forbidden limbs serenaded our chosen freedom. Uneme is exorcising the monstrous serpent from the lake by Utagawa Kuniyoshi/Style: Ukiyo-e/Genre: mythological painting 101