The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 98

The Linnet´s Wings Title: Fairies and Monsters © 2019, MLF, Linnet Design Enchanted Lands: Editorial By Oonah V Joslin Few islands so small have engendered so much loyalty and nostalgia all from over the world, such violence and beauty, such tales and verses as Ireland, and those who were born there know why. It’s utterly enchanting. So for this St Patrick’s Day we give you 7 poems reflecting history, ancestry and remembrance. Yet there is enchantment in every place, if you seek it, and that is what poets do. Every place of enchantment, great or small, forms a landscape of words. Be they real or imagined landscapes, expansive as space-time or small as particles of scent, a single room, another world, a place of bliss and love or the dark, hollow chasms of grief, they create a desire in us to preserve their essence and communicate their wonderment. 98