The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 95

The Linnet´s Wings out, and my chin split open. Seeing the volume of blood that spilt caused me to black out. I came to in the ambulance with a thick roll of gauze bandages tightly wrapped to my chin and the sour taste of blood in my mouth. After that I clung to the school steps at recess watching the kids play from a distance, and waited for the kids to disperse on the way home before walking on my own. It took some time for my chin to heal. It was difficult opening my mouth, but likely a blessing for Zia Maria, freed for a time from my constant chatter. It is surprising how much you use your chin in one day, and it was hard chewing without my front teeth so I replaced chattering with noisy slurping. *** School is like that, a min-schism of society in which you either are accepted, or rejected, until you break off from the pack and forge your own way. It is said by psychologists that personalities are formed by the time we reach six years old. I believe I still carry that six-year-old in the mind and heart of me. She clings on as a permanent part of me. I think I have spent my whole life carrying her to safety, while breaking off from the pack in one form or another. *** 95