The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 91

The Linnet´s Wings Heaven, Hell, Damnation, and Brother George ( Excerpt) What Fruit She Bears A Memoir on Growing Up As a Foster Child by Judith A. Lawrence Chapter 4 Being raised Catholic proved to be a confusing journey for me. I loved the rituals, the pageantry of the May Procession, the organ music at Sunday Mass, the pungent smell of incense, and the costumes of the priests and altar boys. Most of all, I looked forward to that paper thin mildly pleasant wafer slipped on my tongue, while avoiding the priest’s eyes each Sunday morning following my Saturday afternoon’s dubious confession. Yet there were certain Catholic beliefs that filled me with dread. Limbo for one seemed to be a terrifying place. There were pictures in our catechism books of unbaptized 91