The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 63

The Linnet´s Wings The Cockle Scraper Watercolor by Judith A. Lawrence, 2019 with folded arms watched events unfold. The battle raged for hours. Several maidens retired to the shore for a refreshing drink of tea, biscuits, and slivers of cooked turbot before returning to the entertainment. Jim was a sensitive man. Despite his own pain which was considerable he detected from the Queen’s aura that something else was wrong, something beyond the obvious fact that she was trying to kill him. He sensed a dark clot of pain within her powerful carapace. He managed to grasp the edge of the Queen’s shell and force it apart. He slid his arm under the cold mantle of flesh questing deeper. His fingers found something remarkable. Slowly, inch by painful inch he withdrew his arm. Cardium calmed, relaxed with a sigh and slumped into the soft mud beside Jim. “You poor creature,” Jim exclaimed, “what pain you have suffered for so long.” Jim raised his bruised and bleeding arm to reveal a black pearl the size of a teapot. The maidens sighed, then clapped. Gently Jim cradled the cockle in his arms, raised her slightly and kissed her. The maidens gasped. There was a sound like cockleshells tinkling in a bucket and both Jim and the Queen disappeared in a swirl of smoke and flame. The maidens gasped at the transformation. Where man and cockle had once been there were now two giant cockles. *** 63