The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 56

The Linnet´s Wings do wish their own end before they are struck with shot, or the axmen or the executioner shows fate to the end may you wish other oaths to keep you safe at least until your teeth are gone. If I had died, how would I have watched Ska Nee give birth? She had entered before my enlistments,  Great River had swallowed up and I would never join the circle where wise men talked with their hands and hearts more than words. I understood it all; every flood drowns the man who swims the passage from the isle across to the tall red stones shimmer as antimony. My legs heal. My arms stretch from the sails behind to the ones in front. I get stronger. She who heals stirs at my back and loins with her fat rubbed hands and catches my shiver. She works my legs and sacred parts. She makes me move as she breaks me out of death. When my flesh blackens and I with fever shriek to other savage gods my denial and then yes, I do accept. Curses shift underneath the river of hands. The rain pounds my head slows my stroke. Caught by the cold water,  I made me tight when the mist rose from the fire. Fish will be boiled. I entered the brook and soon it was hot and the heat slowed breath. The woman moved her breasts to my mouth slowly and holding my jaw, she feeds me that white blue broth. I am eager. She knows that I cannot exist with civil people. I get stronger every day. Red rolling fire branded clouds before sunrise drift against the back of my hands take them into my lives but I did not hurt. I made it to the broken rocks and lifted my sore shoulders up to drape my body on red moss. 56