The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 55

The Linnet´s Wings My Lord Jesus saved my opinion and directed the colors of the winds from ancient space to keep my breath whole as I fell down to the rough gray stones by my homely street. In my lights Viridian sunset open my doors. I could not let my life fall down and become one of those awkward strangers hanging about the shore and muddy streets for an axe that struck off the head of my mother as she watched the vermillion waters of the great river quit. It was a fever. Mother had died five years past in Delft. She was ample vision here as the shadows of her red sand colored eyes loomed on the horizon so I conjured. Savages covered me. I saw the face of murder. I remember how he was struck down by a rock. He would die laughing and I would live. I did not drown. Stuck to the slime caught in the muddy noose I was buried in the earth when I was shaken by furious storm that blew through my spread hands as I held back the surge as only light that is earth green and salmon red can contain on the edge of the bush that borders Great River on the East. That city will be born there. It will strike us dead. I live in all my past escapes as a future specter ready to roll my calm, damp body white with death, and my red eyes alive when I am resurrected in 1970. Day Two The tempest struck;  the rocks moved. They shift as I spin and I wished for a brief second that the rocks of littoral of this flooded river drove out all the sea demons and bring us back home safe. I know when I drink how anyone is safe if they 55