The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 54

The Linnet´s Wings red water piss against brown leaves or some beginning reconstruct so we may leap that terrifying wall of birth after death without obvious conceit drowned too young when spars broken and all the fine gobs driven to starve. Such my daily speech as folly writ as it could last until perdition waxed our skull with vermin. General Description of That Part of the World Called New Netherland Strawberries dye the wood red. Sometime in my country at the outward part of river wild flowers so fragrant I stand still not knowing what I am meeting; so many and rich the birds I can scarcely go through them for their whistling. Light can hardly be discerned where they fly; the fox chases them like fowl: Their notes salute the ears of travelers with harmonious discord,  and in every pond and brook,  green silken frogs warble their un’tuned tunes to hear a part in this music. Instantly I arm myself and rush violently into them never leaving till I have disrobed them of their color turning them into old habit. ___________ “I am viridian swell and a vermillion tempest.” November 2, 1504, John Colman Swims the Great River Divide now Called Hudson Before New Netherland When I was a child, I felt murder. There was blood on the stones that leaked through the streets into a great flood. I felt waves and I wanted to die and fail. Mother murdered as I wept. Vermilion clouds treasured me. The dagger did not cut my head clean. The heavens opened to protect my life. 54