The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 45

The Linnet´s Wings have silenced those who respect the Lord. Worse yet, the source of the speaker’s lament is a friend who once worshipped with him at the temple. The speaker addresses this traitor who betrayed their friendship and the community of the faithful. [Big Brother looks out from the parapets, vigilant against the enemy within, keeping watch upon a terrorized city where brother betrays brother. How old is this night- mare?] Hearken, O God, to my prayer, and do not ignore my plea. Listen well to me and answer me. In my complaint I sway and moan. From the sound of the enemy, from the crushing force of the wicked when they bring mischief down upon me and in fury harass me, my heart quails within me and death-terrors fall upon me, Fear and trembling enter me, and horror envelops me. And I say “Would I had Wings like a dove. I would fly off and find rest. Look, I would wander far away, And lodge in the wilderness, selah Would make haste to a refuge for me From the streaming wind and storm.” O Master, confound, split their tongue, for I have seen outrage and strife in the town; day and night, they go round it on its walls, and mischief and misdeeds within it, Disaster within it, guile and deceit never part from its square. No enemy insults me, that I might bear it, no foe boasts against me, that I might hide from him. But you – a man to my measure, my companion and my familiar, 45