The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 22

The Linnet´s Wings TABLE OF CONTENTS Art, Herman Melville 5 Masters on Form, 8 Love´s Philosophy 9 Enchanted Garden at Belsay by Ceinwen Hayden 12 PART ONE The Scent on the Wind Classic Artists, Van Gogh Summary 28 A Marker Made of Rain, Barry Charman 30 Psalms, Stephen Zelnick 34 Narratives of New Netherland 1570-1970, Sean Farragher 50 Queen Cardium, Bill West 60 Fallen Eagles , Bruce Harris 64 Grandfather Johnny Igoe: Spellbinder Remembered, Tom Sheehan 79 Classic Yeats 85 What Fruit She Bears, Judith A Lawrence 89 PART TWO You Make a Drawing of your Breath 94 Enchanted Lands, Oonah V Joslin 96 Voices from a Near Dimension, Oonah V Joslin 98 Of Trick Shots and Empty Pockets, for Morgan, rp Verlaine 102 The Haunting of Niall of the 9 Hostages, Ann Egan 104 Niall - Hostage of Fantasy, Ann Egan 106 Niall Ponders on the Tenth Hostage, Ann Egan 109 Olfactory Ghost, Miki Byrne 113 Winter Lane, Tom Sheehan 115 I Have Roots, Miki Byrne 117 The Orchard Hour, James G. Piatt 119 The Space Between, Ron. Lavalette 121 The Phantom Trout, Tom Sheehan 122 Abandoned Jumper, Dolores Duggan 125 remembrance, Dolores Duggan 127 Library Reading Room, Jan Wiezorek 129 Where is my Haunting, Jo Ann Newton 130 Driving to the Dementia Convention Anne Donnellan 132 The Dream of the Roscommon Emigrant, John Igoe, 135 22