The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 138

The Linnet´s Wings where the pheasant and Rabbit doth wander there at will. Ah, solitude, thy charms are dear, to me how sweet they seem as I set me down and look around on Nature’s lovely scene. The hills of Ross are beautiful, and so the lovely glen and meadows fair that stretch between those hills and dear Elphin.** From Castlerea to Carrick I see the places all, from Roscommon down to Lulsk and to the Plains of Boyle. As I travel o’er that scope, with Nature’s gifts so strewn, I stop halfway where I was raised now aided by the moon. I look around bewildered on all that I behold; the tree of ash, the hawthorn bush, now burnished in their gold. The cottage I was born in and raised by parents kind, I enter with impatience but there I could not find the one above all others whose love was dear to me. She has gone to her heaven For all eternity. Father, brothers, sisters, I join in fond embrace as tears of joy and sorrow 138