The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 121

The Linnet´s Wings The Orchard Hour By James G. Piatt It is a dreamlike hour in the orchard, It is tranquil, and silent, yet there is a powerful Message entering the air, It exists amidst the balmy breeze flowing through The tree limb’s leaves, sending them fluttering In the atmosphere, like green faeries, There is an energy that flows atop the bark walk too, and Into the flowers with their beautiful colorful faces And dark feathery leaves, leaving them vibrating, The birds nearby sense it too, and their chirping is Barely audible, but can be heard by a person who is Comfortable being alone, This indescribable atmosphere that causes all things To glow and create, is a message that is valuable To an old man who is living in fading hours, And as he sits on an old bench that is wearing down, Like him, he understands that the answer to it all, is not To question everything, but to just be. 121