The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 111

The Linnet´s Wings Niall Ponders on the Tenth Hostage By Ann Egan I am the greatest sailor of the seas’ canny expanse. I know her ways, her passions. I can scan them as simply as the poet reads Ogham, that holds verses in memories of mountains and man’s heart when he chisels his feelings. I know all the inlets, curious lie of rocks that lurk like pirates, illusions of briny humours. Lustrous omens lure pilots, sunder beams and masts, commit captains like lost beings of waves’ gleams, bearing them, their prey, to the deep’s anonymity. I am the waters’ bosom friend, give gold to Manannán Mac Lir, listen for oracles to lead my voyage to his flowered haven. I’ll build a boat to sail the waves, gold ingots nailed to its mast, aglitter with falling moon, rising sun, playful stars. I will venture on a voyage to my tenth hostage of all hostages, Manannán declared will bring undreamed of riches to my island. I will be the slave master for I have my ways to snare him. 111