The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 107

The Linnet´s Wings You visit me on winds that wield you command all be still as from your wealth’s wilderness, crown of amethysts on your head. Monarch of riches, ruler of gold. Bow before me, I imagine power Samhain coming to Sliabh Mís. My pirates are peacemakers. You are alive in my nightmares. My Tenth Hostage of my dreams. harnessed in your shoulders, your beard is neatly clipped. Long fingers to play the lute. You write letters, do you? Poems you chant to harmony I sense all about your bearing. I’m told you talk to hosts of your people, goad them to deeds of plunder, same as me. They believe in all you preach. No wonder you have caskets of precious stones, dazzling metals, promised by Manannán to the bold. I will make a great plan, to ensure I capture you, My best booty, dream man. You lull me to sleep with ballads finer than my file’s. You strut in costly mantles, 107