The Linnet's Wings :Take All My Loves, My Love - Page 103

The Linnet´s Wings can do; caress, control, dismiss with a gesture and wash themselves of blame. There is so much to grasp. Some say we will be transformed one day; that this great expansion will contract to a point where every mind is one again. Some say there will be no end to our thinning; that every part of every particle will one day be alone. All voices silent. There are up quarks, down quarks, strange and charm quarks and super-particles as yet unknown. We are all up and down and change and charm and fired beyond light, perhaps unmade. A little physics is a dangerous thing. Why persist in these linear thoughts? Look carefully now with all your heart. You may see a magic carpet slicing through. You may hear the whispered echo of a thread: perceive at last, the shadowy cross section of a mind. Oonah V Joslin 103