The Linnet's Wings Summer 2014 - Page 9

CLASSIC Extract from: Awakening by Herman Hesse 51 Quotes Canto One, The Trystyng, by Lewis Carroll 3 Anam Cara, John O Donoghue 54 ART Esbjorn Doing His Homework by Carl Larsson 17 Frogs by Shibata Zeshin 23 The Bridge of Souls by Wojciech Siudmak 25 Butterflies by Odilon Reddon 27 After War by Nicolae Tonitza 35 Arlequin et Pierrot; model Jacinto Salvado André Derain 37 Happy Pierrot, Antoine Watteau 38 Lady and Pierrot, Konstantin Somov 39 Pierrot with Book, Juan Gris 40 Pierrot Lunaire, Paul Klee 41 The White Pierrot (Jean Renoir) Pierre-Auguste Renoir 42 Pierrot Dancing, Edouard Manet 43 Brighton Pierrots, Walter Sickert 44 Clown, Nicolae Tonitza 45 Allegory, boy lighting candle in the company of an ape and a fool - Fábula El Greco 46 A funeral mask tolls bell by Odilon Redon 47 Easter Chimes Awaken Nature by Alphonse Mucha 51 Weight of the Soul by Wojciech Siudmak 54 The Three Sisters with a Sculpture, left panel from The Three Sisters Triptych by Henri Matisse 65 A hitched wagon by Theodore Gericault 81 Portrait of Adam - Giuseppe Arcimboldo 87 After the Dance by John William Waterhouse 89 The Bower Meadow Study (Study of Dancing Girls) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 90 Dancing Couple of the Variety by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 91 Dancing man from sketchbook 60 by Theo van Doesburg 92 Phantom Dancing with Castanets by Francisco Goya 93 Dancing troll by Theodor Severin Kittelsen 94 Two Dancing Old Friends by Francisco Goya 95 Three Nude Women Dancing by Theophile Steinlen 96 The Dancing Lesson by Thomas Eakins 97 Harmony in Red by Henri Matisse 98 Actress Margaret by Niko Pirosmani 103 The Wrestling Bretons - Paul Serusier 113