The Linnet's Wings Summer 2014 - Page 87

it depicts a mother and child submerged in the blue of the ocean. The life connection, awakened within the colour, communicated a soul's understanding of all life as one, and it drew me into the body of his work. And I loved it enough to research and read more. The promise that surfaced in the young lad's work was fulfilled. De Haro has had a glowing career, with numerous worldwide exhibitions, with response from museums who bought his work and from art bodies who Aguas Y Luces, Watercolour, 1985 supported his passion. From a young age he had the privilage of following his heart and living his dream, and now in the winter of his life he can step back in and know he fulfilled that first promise. It's not every artist that receives recognition within their lifetime. But De Haro, is the type of man who would appreciate this, too. He's seen the tough times, when he was involved in a serious road traffic accident and nearly lost his life in 1990 , then he had to walk away from his scuba, and revisit his voice as he searched his spirit for the form that the sea had imprinted there. But he had tasted the flavour, so he found his way within to transcribe from memory. One of my favorite paintings is his 'Las Sandalias del Pescador;' of course from a writerly perspective I loved its title as it immediately brought to mind fish wearing flip flops, high heels and shoes of all types as they went about their affairs. And of course on further reading I discovered that this image is of fish seen through an old microscope, but that's the beauty of art, the viewer gets to transcribe their own impression onto the artists' voice. De Haro has spent a lifetime working on his passion: Painting and the seas. He became a scuba diver to investigate, appreciate, understand and capture the beauty of the underwater landscape; when he could no longer dive he found a way to ParaĆ­so, Oil on Canvas continue for that's the drive of passion. Each of Dominguez's paintings carries a conservation message about a future devastated by pollution. Poetry, music and hope live within his work, Dominquez has successfully exhibited in Europe, UK. and the US. And I glad to discover that a permanent exhibiton of his work can be found in Granada, for it makes it accessible for me to visit at will. For those who want more information about his life work, his profile and a complete biography with a list of exhibions past and upcoming and a list of museums that own his work can be accessed through his website and on Wikipedia.