The Linnet's Wings Summer 2014 - Page 8

Summer Quarter 2014 INTRODUCTION Prologue 11 Editor's Note 13 Epigraph, Mark Twain, 15 SHORT STORIES You Can't Keep Doing That by Niall Joseph 17 The Fibber Affaire by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick 99 The Actress, David W. Landrum 103 New York by Bruce Colbert 113 Whitney Van Ness by Bill Frank Robinson 123 ESSAY Something to Stem the Diminishing or My Journey to Takashima, Daniel Clausen 29 CNF We had lived by Josh Delacy, 47 MICRO FICTION Love Song of a Divorce Attorney, Janet Shell Anderson 24 Comic Strip Jim by Helen Moat 26 August, 1946 by Bill West 28 Nagasaki by Daniel Clausen 36 SPANISH SECTION Marie Fitzpatrick The Art of Antonio Domínguez de Haro 83 Translation: Adam by Federico Garcia Lorca 88 POETRY Daft by Caleb Brennan 55 Once I wore a red bikini by Tiff Holland 56 These Dogs and Those by Tiff Holland 57 Weathervane by Tiff Holland 58 5 Tankas by OOnah V. Joslin 59 Very Warm for March by Laurel Blossom 60 RED REWIND by Laurel Blossom 61 dark snow by Linda AShok 67 The Beloved Disciple by Andy Reilly (On the exhumation of John Henry Newman) 68 Cat Named Chainsaw by JD Hart 69 River Poem by Beverly Jackson 70 Seasoned by Beverly Jackson 71 Feeding Frenzy by Beverly Jackson 72 At Pottery Barn by Jane Rosenberg La Forge 73 Nazis by Jane Rosenberg La Forge 75 Evolution by Zev Torres 76 Carved by the Wind by Zev Torres 77 ADORNED by Katherine Noone 78 Brief Escape by Eira Needham 79 Cigarette Gallery by R. Donald James Gauvreau 80 Point by Casey Wolf 82