The Linnet's Wings Summer 2014 - Page 59

I’m going to fold myselfup a tin-foil hat and walk out in the rain, try to short-circuit this constant buzzing, redirect it with a Kaiser Spike, a weathervane made out chicken bone I’m going to candle this ear, this end-of-tonight’s broadcasting-static, let the hot wax cool into perfect-wicked cochlear images, and then I’m going to set them on fire, burn the sound down like a lightning-struck tree, a feeble black thread I’ll give a good yank. I’m sterilizing needles for acupuncture, studying reflexology. I’m going to roofa pound myselfquiet. All I want is to hear my heart beat, blood pooling into bruises, my own thoughts moving in a straight line. Placing pennies on closed eyelids draws all the sounds away from a body, bottle trees evict any kind ofhaint, dog bark overwrites exclamation point script and there’s aways the garbage disposal, the dishwasher, to grind to ground, to wash away. The vacuum cleaner with its attachments designed specifically to exhume dirt and dander, dust and dead cell, is worth a try, but first the hat, flag-of-surrender folded, shiny side in, or maybe sculpted into a fancyrestaurant left-over swan. I’m going to swim away on a sea ofhum-statichiss-ring-buzz, use it against itself, transmit to the universe on my private frequency, while I take a bat to invisible, internal pitches, and when the storm finally comes, just to target something tangible, hit soft-ball sized hail over the backyard fence in the rain