The Linnet's Wings Summer 2014 - Page 15

Also last quarter, Diana Ferraro left our Spanish Section due to her own work demands. Diana, established a strong foundation for us here in this section, and I hope that we can continue to build on it. The perceptions that translation and interpetation bring when we hear the foreign voice and watch its interpretative dance opens up different worlds for all of us, for language is the way in which we depict our subjective experience and objectify our environment as we create it -- the mechanics of communication and interaction -- how we use it helps all of us to consider the circumstance that creates and separates us. It's been an pleasure working alongside Diana for the last couple of years. I edited the section myself this quarter while we consider our future options. Also, Elizabeth Glixman joined us in poetry for the quarter, it's a big thank you to her. It's very fine work that she delivered for this issue, work that was written by sure hands. Once again we have a very fine issue and as always this is down to all our contributors and editors who share their work with all of us. # On another note, The Linnet's Wings Press will publish "This Crazy Urge to Live" by Bobby Steve Baker this coming quarter. This is his third publication and his first full length book of poetry, with original ekphrastic photography and art. It's a very beautiful work by a fine poet and photographer and it's a pleasure to have the opportunity to be associated with this fine voice. # At 'The Linnet's Wings,' we appreciate the value of time. So each quarter we try to take a step forward in our presentation, to go an extra mile to see what else we can offer our contributors and readers to make their access easier and to make the time they spend with us reading and viewing more worthwhile. In Spring, we stepped-up our web design and implemented our blog. The few technical issues we had with that have now been smoothed over. This quarter Peter Gilkes designed a new digital display for us, this by the way will not replace our JoMag issue, however it gives our reader a choice and it can be accessed on our website on our 'Book On Line' link. We hope that you'll pop in and take a look, it's open for all types of android and web download viewing. Lastly I want to wish you all a wonderful summer. One filled with peace and light, fun and long evenings spent in the company of family and friends. My Best, Marie Fitzpatrick Managing Editor