The Linnet's Wings Summer 2014 - Page 133

The Linnet's Wings Press : This Crazy Urge to Live by Bobby Steve Baker In every person's story we find a fragment of our own. For we're all connected by our needs and wants: Personal, cultural, social, and economic. This is a book that asks one to reflect on this while celebrating the ups and downs of love and life, of community and work, of family and its line, and always acknowledging family as landmark, as point of reference, as it builds a young man's tale. For when we leave the roost and learn to fly it's then we realise that no matter what we're never truly alone as we make and break connections, and if we're lucky we allow each expericnce to move us on. It's the story of a son, father, husband, lover and friend. The prologue chosen to introduce the body of work in the poetry/photography art book,'This Crazy Urge to Live', is One Flesh #2 : a poem that illustrates the magic, of conception, of birth, of spirit, of love. Bobby Steve shot a a very lovely 'Mother and Newborn' photo to illustrate the poem. Together they paint the spirit of the body of work that sits snugly between the covers. Excerpt before the first kick is felt from inside out before people pat a belly as communal property long before a baby could survive without a physical attachment to its mother’s flesh and in this way they could be called one flesh the baby is a separate human everyone knows this the Greeks stopped short with eros filios agape we need another word for love of a child in the birthing room when the child is laid to the mother’s breast it is transcendent ungraspable fathers now are present and this creates a bond for life but his experience is overshadowed let’s not kid ourselves for the baby the mother’s body is borrowed for the sake of respiration and nourishment who knows if a baby in utero desires love but everyone knows this authenticity a baby gets love perfectly and constantly witnesses have seen a glow an aura that surrounds this indescribable event I have seen it myself and every time I leave the birthing room I feel with no thought that did not just happen one tiny human exiting a larger human the crisis of separation one into two bleeds into ordinary breath and I feel for a time we are all one flesh Bobby Steve Baker -- This Crazy Urge to Live, 2014