The Linnet's Wings Summer 2014 - Page 113

other productions. When the receiving line had broken up, she and Tonya talked to Leah in backstage. “You need a place to stay tonight?” Sossity asked. “I’m going to spend tonight with my old boyfriend, Caleb. I used to date him until Lázaro muscled his way in.” “He was the male lead for the play?” “Yep.” “Very good looking guy,” Tonya commented. “You bet he is. I met Lázaro at a party when I was dating Caleb. He came on so strong I dumped Caleb for him. I didn’t like the way he treated me but I put up with it. The more he abused me, the more I accommodated him. Caleb caught wind of it and wanted to confront him but I wouldn’t let him. I was afraid Lázaro might come after him—though I’m sure Caleb could have taken care of him.” She smiled. “I guess I was thinking too much Ophelia and too little Woman from Hell.” “I know what you mean,” Sossity said. They lingered, talking and drinking, until late. Finally they said good-byes. Sossity and Tonya climbed in the Avanti and head