The Linnet's Wings Summer 2014 - Page 111

before she started her concert tour. She showered and slept until late afternoon. She and Tonya had dinner and headed for the theater. Jason, Sossity’s bodyguard, met them there. They went backstage at Leah’s invitation and met the cast then settled into their seats for the performance of Scotland Road. The play was a bit slow starting out, but as the enigmatic plot unfolded Sossity sat riveted. Leah, dressed in a hospital gown, looked beautiful, and uncovered her character with sudden velocity, so that by the last third of the play she had dominated the stage. The last scene, when fog began to roll in with the sound of waves and Leah’s character described her vision of the Titanic and the character John says, “Yes—I think I see it!” she sat there stunned as the lights went out to signal the end of the play. The audience began to applaud. Sossity joined in the standing ovation they got and whooped her approval. “That was cool,” Tonya said. “Your friend is a great actress.” They lingered. Leah invited them backstage. Sossity talked with the cast. As often happened, someone brought in a guitar and she sang two of her hit songs. When people began to drift off toward home, she asked Leah if she had a ride. “I’m catching a ride with one of the other cast members.” “Why don’t you let me take you home? I have my bodyguard here. Your friend Lázaro might be stalking you. Better to be safe than sorry.” She agreed. Sossity, Leah, and Tonya took the Avanti back to Leah’s