The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 96

Art: Entre Deux Trains, Theophile Steinlen, Style: Realism, Genre: sketch and study  A Lost Face and then Some Tom Sheehan When asked to read to celebrate my new book of memoirs, I let the audience enter the cubicle from where the work came. I told them: I'll celebrate with you by telling you what I know, how it is with me, what I am, what has made me this way; a public posture of a private life near nine decades deep. Just behind the retina, a small way back, is a little room. with secret doors, passageways, key words besides Sesame. If you're lucky enough to get inside that room, at the right time, there's ignition, a flare, now and then pure incandescence, a white phosphorous shell detonating ideas and imagery. It's the core room of memories, holding everything I've ever known, seen, felt, spurting with their energies. 96