The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 94

Ode to Jezebel jezebel, that seditious sibyl all vivified brass and saucy jazz blue moon blaspheming igniting feral sanguine lips transliterated a vulturine jade recast carnivorous consort to trembling anemic despot she purloined pastorals defied providence in the name of grandstanding gravity vivacious vanity wars that piratic provocateur marauded as seraphic lodestar rimming callous melancholy with lewd ink, debauched kohl garnishing garnet plaits with flashes of jacinth and beryl damning her unswayable sinew to the massacre of mythology the desecration of fabrication the exoneration of violation she tarried boldly at the lunette awaiting her vindictive victor his crowing chrysolite caravan sanctified with rabid spite beseeching decaying demons for lucent wings of dauntless might alighting her curse to some clashing paradise 94