The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 75

ART: Wayang (shadow puppets) from central Java, a scene from 'Irawan's Wedding' The day began with a food adventure. As arranged the guide Mahshushah—Susie—arrived for breakfast. Carmen's Bircher Muesli with dried fruit the base, Cornies, plain yoghurt and a local fruit that the Madura girl failed to recognize.               — Is it mango?...               This was a surprise. Susie was completely stumped. Was the fruit of Madura, up above  Surabaya by Bali, so very different from that of central Java? The stall­holder at Beringharjo  Market had been asked most particularly.               — Ker-some-yuk. You don't know kersome-yuk Susie?               (Wiki gave kesemek, the yellow persimmon. Very tasty when allowed to ripen and  75