The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 69

A letter to my missing children M y two children are missing for the last fifteen years. I do know they live in the same city as I, Bengaluru in southern India, but I am not sure where. I don't know what exactly they study, eat, or play. To find out anything about them or to try and meet them would be risky. For me and for them. I won't say anything more. I get on with my life as normally as I can even as I keep thinking of them. I dread the nights the most, when silence reigns and my mind goes on overdrive until the sleeping pill finally takes effect.           About a year back, however, it occurred to me that I could do something: I could write to them. I could encourage and guide them through letters and also keep reiterating my love for them. I chose to write on matters that affected me a lot: during my growing up years, then at work, and then in love and marriage, because these are the milestones they will encounter, too.           Some of these letters I emailed only to my son, S, as I got to know his email address from the social media. I would like to imagine he read the letters. But so far he has not responded. I have my doubts whether he has shared the letters with his sister and my daughter, C. There are reasons for that as well about which I can't talk.           As for me, I hope that o 䁵䁍ɕݥɽ́ѡ͔ѕ̀չȁѡѥѱ؁1ѕ)Ѽ5䁵ͥ ɕɕ锁܁Ս$ٔѡ܁Ս$݅ЁѡѼЁչͅɥՙȁ)ѡ́ѥհЁɥ䁩ɹ䁍+ Qݥѕȁ́ɽѡЁѥ́+ M٥(