The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 45

On a Summer's Morning in July in Andalusia An early mist sheds light on communion: Sky's blue floats on an easy sea that lays-out Sinuous see-through cut-outs through which Man view fish that scud around the wading White pillars that step in their path, And the cooler morning air brings fishermen out: They who know the lines that wary fish avoid, They who know the bait that just might make them rise, And they have this summer's nature on their side; As they drop their patient line they wait Quietly for the bites, under sun's blue shade. But the cool abates as noon creeps up the sky, Then they take their lines and nets and small boats in. As heat drops down, to raise in yellow orbs That spin through noon; and in the afternoon She sweeps the sky before she falls to cool The evening tide, to call the local out, To watch collected dust and colour set. Calling locals out to view her at her best -- Calling locals out to view her evening dress. One designed by earths' couture to flow and flounce, And fal,l just as moon pops in to ready Dusk for dark: She lights the lightest sky And on her heels trips in the North Star. MLF, 2014 45 Art: Title: The Evening Dress, Watercolour  on Card, Linnet House Design Image