The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 44

The Suncatcher As the Birds prepared for summer fare, The bugs came to their aid. And the butterfly, this year's new share, Set down in the wind streaked shade. To gild the glade with wavy weave, To celebrate long days, And birth the good that spring conceived, That was bound-up in cold-winter plays. For at the bottom of the flower plot. Where dandelions spilled their seed. Were bits of filmy spider's webs that were caught- Up in the sun catcher's reeds. For themselves and their near neighbours Who shared their space and soil, And enjoyed the music of the spheres That was reflected in dew drops´spoils. From which Sir Bird and his good Lady Hung posts to guide the fun. And butterfly helped bend the leaves While they pinned web edges on. As the Birds prepared their summer fare, The bugs came to their aid. And the butterfly this year's new share, Helped trap wind-seeded prayers. MLF 8/06/2018 44