The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 116

Wanderer's Night Notes Beate Sigriddaughter  I am tired of this valley of tears, this footpath of grief where you walk barefoot among scorpions, finally closing your eyes, convincing yourself it doesn't matter, all is well. It isn't. We aren't. I pray for courage to dance my anger now, and dance my hunger loudly. This is not the way it was supposed to be. What is the point of limping through this unnecessary life? Why not make it a pleasure for each other instead of this torment of acceptance of puny bits of nothing much. I want to love you, life. Make it easy, so my anger is no longer necessary. Make beauty fall like morning dew, and sadness burn away all the debris with fire, ashes to ashes. Let me love with gold and grandeur. Teach me your scratchy ropes. I will learn. I will climb. I will love. 116