The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 110

            Sometime in the Future             by Peter Feng  Maybe you don’t have to wait until 2116 to see me becoming a star twinkling in the sky like the photons that hurry through our body sands you found to be translucent Maybe then you will have become a star too We will crash into each other’s face like stardust settling down eventually Maybe I don’t have to wait until 2049 to stop arguing with you about the shape of snowflakes I will agree every cake you made is a real cake, instead of some newly excavated Mayan bread In 2059, you will run the last manual check to see if my forehead is directed at the No Man’s Land in Heaven As late as 2069 I will attempt my first catastrophic crossing in your night sky like the C-chord you swept on my guitar like the noise of my heart you heard on that bridge the first light of dawn, the first flash of maybeetles in darkness. All this will probably end before 2079 when I lose all modes of existence indicated by brain waves and become what you met in the Book of Dreams for the first time 110