The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 109

Art: Under Honey's Harmonica by Boris Kustodiev,  Date: 1927, Style: Art Nouveau (Modern), Genre: poster  Solon's Drone  Anum Sattar  Call no man happy until he is dead —Solon Rather than try to join the diligent honeybees who toiled away on the pink tipped flowers to store grains into the pollen baskets on their hind legs while thrusting their shimmering reddish brown proboscises and sucking the golden liquid from the innards of the blooms the idle drone bee was glad to feast on their royal jelly before he lifted up to fertilize a virgin queen on the wing. And though he did succeed in mating with a monarch the other bees still resented him for having emptied their honeycombs and before he could gorge more on their precious bee bread the whole swarm of bees came streaming into the straw skep to condemn the parasitic bee by stinging him without pity. 109