The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 108

Art: Ring around the Rosy, Maurice Prendergast. Date: c.1900 ­ c.1903, Style: Impressionism, Genre: genre  painting, Media: watercolor, paper  RUNNING LATE Arthur Callender  The first Off-peak commuter train Left for London bang on time; Today sucking in along the way, workers Coming down from a weekend off, now gearing Up to another five days of bill-paying grind; each Primed, it seemed, like high-wire acrobats might be, anxiety And split-second timing-wise and did not take kindly to the delay. Indeed, It would be fair to say That the carriage was electric With spleen-venting verbs occasioned by The wait; ascending from irritation through aeration, Agitation and infuriation to vehement, yet impotent, castigation Others Appear YB[[H][ˈZY\HHH[وXH][\Hܘ]وH۝[\\][[H[؈X]H[X\YۈX[وB LHXۈ\][[Z[]\]H[]\Y]ŒL