The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 104

Glow­worm  by Michael Wooff  Why is it that you bioluminesce? When there’s a birth the light you give is white, And when you blink a ship is in distress. Turn blue and you cause shepherds to delight. If rain falls on your light it won’t go out. Your radiance is purer when winds blow. If you glow red a murderer’s about And if your legs turn black there will be snow. You do not dart as does a firefly To mate, or to attract and kill. God knows. Yet should He choose to lift you to the sky Where all the stars are, you’d be one of those. ART: The Book Worm by Carl Spitzweg, Date: 1850; Germany, Style: Biedermeier, Genre: genre painting, Media: oil, canvas 104