The Linnet's Wings Blackbird Dock - Page 100

Buying Tobacco in Spain  James Graham She spoke no English, I no Spanish. A pointless phrase or two, a frown, a shrug. At last we gave up words and lifted off in the simple, sumptuous grammar of the sign, mime not quite worthy of Marceau perhaps, but a warming intimacy of hands and meeting eyes. 'O.K.' was the only word that passed, and I said, 'Gracias'. But then it came to money - and suddenly those little paper tokens with their codes and falderals and etchings of grand buildings and great men seemed to come between us. (It was partly that I fumbled, dropped some, couldn't count.) Very strange they seemed, stranger than language (stranger even than breathing hot smoke of shredded leaves). It wasn't like that on the planet I'm from. There, we would exchange, oh, things for things, or things for promises; or, sometimes, songs for remedies. The Packet of Tobacco by Juan Gris,  Date: 1916, Style: Synthetic Cubism, Genre: still life  100