The Linnet's Wings Archive 2013 - Page 10

TABLE OF CON TEN TS FOREWORD Before the Law by Franz Kafka x Editor's Note xi The Linnet's Wings Information Page xii MICRO Rest Stop by Lisa Cihlar 6 Plucked And Scrambled by Paula Ray Bill On The Hill by Carly Berg 10 Bed Making by James Claffey 12 Time by Heidi Heimler 14 8 POETRY Shipwreck by Eira Needham 39 Butterfly by William Odgen Haynes 40 Rosie and Max by William Ogden Haynes 41 Window by Conor McManus 43 The Orange Room by Conor McManus 44 Turn the Page by April Salzano 46 The Live Oak by Stan Long 48 Executive Sweet by Mathew Paust 49 Kindred by James O' Sullivan 50 CLASSIC The House that Jack Built 51 FLASH FICTION A Virginia Ham by John Ritchie 2 Faery Gold by Oonah Joslin 64 Just a Cigar by Marian Brooks 68 SHORT STORIES A Strange Courtship by Carla Sarett 32 Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby by Billy O' Callaghan 72 REVIEWS Short Story Collection: Nine Romantic Stories by Carla Sarett 30 Novel: Fearless Finn by Mike Coony ­­ Preview and Character Profiles 16 Poetry: The Refrain by Anne Whitehouse 37 v